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800 SX-R Wet Pipe

The 800 SX-R Wet Pipe is single wall so it’s lighter than our Dry Pipe. It’s based on the proven “B” pipe design so you know it’s reliable and has excellent throttle response. Installation is a snap and no hood modifications are required. The black, hard anodizing provides the ultimate in salt-water corrosion resistance. Of course the 800 SX-R Wet Pipe incorporates the tunable headpipe design, with a simple turn of an Allen wrench you can adjust the power curve to your liking.


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800 SX-R Wet Pipe 800 SX-R Wet Pipe Project Surf Ski

750 SX/SXi Limited

The Factory Pipe Limited system will add 20+ horsepower, 850 rpm, and 6 mph to your stock SX/SXi using no other performance parts except a K&N flame arrestor and different carb jets. The 750SX/SXi Limited system includes our tunable headpipe, stainless center bleed chamber, tuned exhaust manifold and all required installation hardware. ECWI® recommended for the best acceleration.


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750 SX/SXi Ltd. 750 SX/SXi Ltd. Recycling Horsepower